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It all started with a hashtag: #RiseUp

Founded in 2019, Rise Up exists to coach, train, scale, and support leaders of today as well as prepare and inspire innovators of tomorrow. Rise Up focuses on Entrepreneurship and Innovation and helps founders, CEOs, and industry leaders build strong foundational stories and create scalable processes for FoW. 

The team at Rise Up will deliver dynamic sessions that will not only inspire but give clear actionable takeaways that you can implement immediately to drive change and results on topics such as; Entrepreneurship, The Art of Storytelling, Building a, Leadership Mindset, How to go 0-1 (before you can go Series A to Series B), Future of Work, Millennial (and soon to be GenZ) talent, and HOW to create ENGAGED Employees.




Rob Napoli is an accomplished trainer, speaker, entrepreneur, business, and career coach based in Brooklyn, NYC. Originally from the Midwest, his journey has taken him from his hometown in Kansas City, Missouri to New York City by way of Milan, Italy. His career started in recruitment within Fortune 500/Forbes 100 companies before moving to Milan, Italy to pursue a Masters in International Multi-Channel Marketing, where he also spent two years working for a global e-commerce startup and coaching professional American Football. Rob moved to NYC in 2017 to work for a large global corporation before founding two companies in GTM and Training and Development for startups, scaleups, and corporations. 

Rob is the host of The Bear Necessities of Entrepreneurship and speaks on Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Future of Work (FoW): topics ranging from branding/marketing, sales, management, and GTM strategy. 


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