Community, Sustainability, and Fashion with ShareMyBag CEO Silvia Vanni  

by Rob Napoli

Episode Summary

On this episode of TBNE, Rob features Silvia Vannie, TEDx speaker, United Nations environment program ambassador, fashion innovator, and founder of ShareMyBag. Her mission is to change the way people consume fashion because of the many drawbacks fast fashion brings, including global pollution and the artificial need to always be on trend.

Silvia actualizes her mission by creating a community of like-minded individuals who not only love fashion but also have the desire to make it sustainable and less destructive on the environment. She and ShareMyBag do this through community events and collaborations with influencers with a genuine desire to change the way fashion is consumed.

As an entrepreneur, Silvia shares that it is difficult to manage a company while also raising investor capital. To address this issue, she is now focused on increasing their ranks during their growth phase.

She suggests to aspiring entrepreneurs to remain open to suggestions and educate themselves on how to run a business. As a communicator, she relates to others in a positive way and shares her motivations to create value. Her experience taught her that an average project with good communication creates much better results than a good project with average communication.

Episode Notes


02:58 Fashion as Silvia's first passion and switching to consultancy 

08:19 Discovering a need to share wardrobes and starting ShareMyBag

13:37 Addressing the problem: Fast fashion causes overconsumption and pollution

20:19 Mission of ShareMyBag: Create community and a new approach to fashion 

26:02 Collaborating with like-minded influencers and holding community events 

36:00 Creating new positions in the company during the growth stage

43:04 New York is an inspiring city to live in that takes as much as as it gives

46:29 Silvia’s tips to aspiring entrepreneurs and superpower as a communicator

51:48 An upcoming project with big fashion brands sends a message of change

54:07 Connect with Silvia and ShareMyBag


15:35 Silvia: "I collaborate with the United Nations, for example, with fashion revolution, because I think that we have to work also in the origin of the problem and try to give a message to the consumers that the market has to change because, of course, problems like the over-consumption in fashion, they were created by fast fashion." 

21:16 Silvia: "Our mission is to re-educate... to create a new model, a new consumption model based on rental and sharing. And, of course, we try to do this also working a lot on the creation of the community."

29:55 Silvia: "We work a lot in the creation of contents that can be interesting for our community again, not just talking about ShareMyBag and that's it, but talking every day about the importance of sustainability, ways to be more sustainable."

42:18 Silvia: "As entrepreneurs, we almost feel guilty to take some time off because we say okay, I can't abandon, I can't stop, but I think it's mandatory to recharge our brain, our ideas, and go back to work with even more creativity and a better view of the situation."

46:50 Silvia: “You have to find it from yourself and you have to strongly believe in what you do, at the same time, always be open to listen to your suggestion and other people opinion. So you have to find the balance.” 

49:18 Rob: "We have so many entrepreneurs out there that the communication is maybe not their number one skill, their technical, etc. When you get to it, you need to understand communication is a big piece of your business."

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