Compilation Episode  

by Rob Napoli

This episode of TBNE is a compilation of some of our favorite moments from Episodes 24 to 34. Rob’s conversations with these individuals center on their experiences in the difficulties, lessons, and rewards of building something from the ground-up and are full of insightful anecdotes and worthwhile lessons for people who have an idea or interest that they want to pursue as entrepreneurs.

Episode Notes


  • Josh Cooper, Skoop Digital 
  • Matthew Barnett, Bonjoro 
  • Shashkia Edwards, MiTribe 
  • Phil Buckley, Change With Confidence 
  • Luisa El Bouyahyani, LuBU 
  • Whitney Osei-Akintaju, Ethnic District 
  • Tenlie Mourning, Dendwell 
  • J. Caleb Perkins, Remedy Networks
  • Silvia Vanni, ShareMyBag
  • Abby Lyall, BIV
  • Taylor King, TK Creative

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