Finding Creativity And Career Passions with Founder Of TK Creative, Taylor King  

by Rob Napoli

Episode Summary

On this episode of TBNE, Rob talks to the Founder of TK Creative, Taylor King. Taylor hails from New York and mainly concentrates in video production. He has an active youtube channel called Un-Caffeinated, and is also active in Instagram and Tiktok.

As a full-time creative juggling client-work and personal creative endeavors, Taylor admits that there was a time that he had to step back from taking on commissioned work for his agency, and just focus on his creative passions. He continues to try to find the balance between the commercial and the personal. Taylor also shares his thoughts on being a young creative, his motivations in pursuing his creative vision, and why authenticity is the most important thing in content creation.

Episode Notes


How Taylor got his start in New York City

How impatience led Taylor to start a creative agency 

A burning passion for videomaking 

Creating videos today is much easier than ever before

Authenticity is the key to success in content creation 

Monetization should not be the sole goal of content creation

Stepping out of client work and into creative exploration

The idea behind Un-caffeinated

Sharpening your skills and filling the gaps in your toolset is crucial

Invest in yourself


Taylor: "I think creating now is easier than it's ever been. If you have access to a phone, you have access to more or the same creative tools that some of the biggest creators on these platforms are using. Tiktok, especially."

Taylor: "You create content for you and your small group. The goal is not to go viral and have millions of followers. The goal is to create great content. As you create great content, you create a following."

Taylor: "If you are good at something and people enjoy it, you could monetize it. But a lot of people, especially in the podcasts content world, like I want to start a YouTube channel or a podcast or a tech talk to make money off of it. And you start with making money as the impetus for it, you lose the authenticity."

Rob: "It comes down to, as you go through this, whatever challenge you put in place or what your goals are, it's important to think about why you're doing it and what is the outcome, right.."

Taylor: "I feel like my superpower is, is being able to encourage others. Like something that I really take it to heart. It's like I've been building my network in New York for, for the last couple of years. And I believe that everybody has the one thing that they love that they're meant to do. And so a big piece of what I, I get a lot of joy from."

Taylor: "What I've been trying to do is instead of being a better decision maker, I want to be a better jumper where I, where I see an opportunity that feels like it's for me, I'm going to jump at it. And whether it turns out good or not, I know that it was, I was at least supposed to go that way."

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