Hapday x Move Ventures Combine Forces - Our Hapday Acquisition with Philip Delvecchio, Filip Karwala, and JC Rico  

by Rob Napoli

Episode Summary

On this episode of TBNE, Rob features his Hapday Group Co-Founder Philip Delvecchio, and the two people behind Move Ventures, JC Rico and Filip Karwala.

Rob, Phillip, Filip, and JC talk about the inception of their separate companies, the intersection on which their visions meet, and how their unique qualities as leaders and businessmen will work together in the near future.

Rob announces Move’s acquisition of Hapday Group, wherein he and Philip will come in as board members to help the company’s expansion to the USA. Moving forward, Move Ventures will operate with two global headquarters: one out of Guadalajara, Mexico, and the other in Manhattan, NYC.

Episode Notes


  • Coming together and building a new business together
  • Move Ventures is acquiring Hapday Group
  • Business partners should complement each other 
  • Honesty is a crucial part in doing business 
  • Things to be excited for in 2022


JC: "It's been a story of believing that you can actually do the thing that you think of and if you are willing to do that extra effort that's needed. We're not the smartest guys on the planet, we're just relentless and consistent, and I guess, very social."

Rob: "Move is gonna be taking it into the next level and so, 20 people, coming in 2022. Phil and I will be coming out as board members to help drive growth, scalability, process, like these are exciting things and the story leading up to it is one of pure magic through simple networking and great conversation."

Filip: "The first question is like, am I gonna enjoy working with this person. And with you guys, I think it just works. Sometimes JC and I we understand each other without words. Sometimes we just sit down and just let things happen. It was very similar with guys, just living abroad and living in different countries it really helps us to understand each other we have to have the same kind of mindset."

Philip: "Rob and I both have a pretty strong moral compass. We really believe in giving and taking and we believe that what we put out into the world is going to be brought back to us. And I didn't have to ask this of you guys. I saw it. I saw the way that you conducted yourselves in those conversations, which was I want to do right by these people and if I don't think that I can do right with what they're requesting, I will tell them. And maybe we lost a deal or two because of that, but I would much rather be that way."

JC: "It's not just about how much money you can make, it's also about how can you enable more people to become better versions of themselves, in this case, through tech and sales."

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