Happy Holidays! Last Episode of 2021 with My Twin Ryan Napoli talking Imposter Syndrome And Goal Setting  

by Rob Napoli

Episode Summary

On this episode of TBNE, Rob brings with him his twin brother Ryan Napoli. As the Director of Sports Performance for Southeast Missouri State University, Ryan works with college athletes and helps them with personal development both during and after their careers.

Rob and Ryan talk about imposter syndrome, and finding ways to deal with it. One way of dealing with it is to simply work through it and find the motivation to overcome the difficulties that come with it. While external motivation coming from a support system is always great to have, Ryan and Rob agree that you need a strong internal motivation to drive you and help you go the distance.

Episode Notes


  • Content to look forward in 2022
  • Dealing with imposter syndrome for young people 
  • Figure out what you want to do
  • Be responsible for your own goals 
  • Internal vs External Motivation: Finding the right balance
  • What brings you joy? 


Ryan: "This is what I tell my athletes: 'When you graduate college, you are so much more than just a division one football player or woman's basketball player, or gymnastics or baseball player. You are a unique individual and you just have to find the next challenge.’" 

Rob: "A lot of times we have great ideas. We have these things we want to do. But when the imposter syndrome sets in, it's that because we live in an influencer lifestyle and influencer society, we think it's easy. And it's not, and no one sees the unglamorous side of when we put in the work and the 80-hour weeks and the early mornings or dealing with customer service."

Ryan: "When I look in the mirror, I know I'm really good at what I do, no matter what other people might think or what's happened to me. I know I'm really good at what I do because I care and I love it and I'm driven." 

Ryan: "External motivation is great and you have to have a support system around you. That's a huge piece of motivation. That's why as coaches we have 10 position coaches, you got a head coach, you have GAs, you have a bunch of people around the organization for football to help motivate. And we need that support system. But you have to internalize and drive yourself." 

Rob: "Many times, when we're not motivated, it's because we're doing things we don't care about. We're just going through the motions."

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