Jumping In Your Canoe and Owning Your Journey with Walker McKay, Founder of No BS Sales  

by Rob Napoli

Episode Summary

On this episode of TBNE, Rob talks to Walker McKay, President of No BS Sales School. Walker's journey has always been about intentional transformation. He shares pivotal moments in his life when he embraced change, took control of his proverbial canoe, and became intentional in riding it in the direction he wanted.

Walker looks back on the hard times when he had to make hard financial decisions, and the good times when all the hard work he and his mentors put in finally started bearing fruit. He also shares his insights on how sellers can make their own intentional transformations to sell more genuinely and connect with prospects.

Episode Notes


  • Life is like riding a raft, rowboat, or canoe
  • No BS Sales: The result of a decision to stop making excuses
  • Hard times, asking for help, and taking a leap of faith
  • Sellers' transformation: Be sincerely curious and understand people


Rob: "I think that's such a big lesson that, at any stage in your journey whether you're 18, 27, 32, 49, 61, asking for help is not a bad thing and it can be the opportunity that you need to grow."

Walker: "I had to take everything I knew, put it down, put it in a system, and make it work. And that step, that me stepping out with, I mean, I just took a leap of faith. That's what's made the difference is because they forced me to do the hard shit and not just pull stuff out of my ass as what I was doing before."

Walker: "What I believe is that we need to be having real conversations with people. We need to be having conversations where the salesperson is sincerely curious. They don't go in to educate. They go in to be educated."

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