Making An Impact In Venture Capital And Acceleration with Starta VC's Anastasia Lykova & Gabriel Arant  

by Rob Napoli

Episode Summary

On this episode of TBNE, Rob talks to Anastasia Lykova and Gabriel Arant of Starta VC, a venture ecosystem to find, foster, and fund early stage talent in the global tech space. Anastasia and Gabriel share the kind of work that they do with Starta, including the services that they provide to entrepreneurs (whom they call founders) to help them achieve their business goals.

Starta works with early stage startups, international founders aiming to go global with their startup, professionals who want to boost their career in tech by joining an early stage startup team, and investors looking to support early stage tech companies. Anastasia and Rob talk about the joys of searching for and finding companies that they can nurture. Both are convinced that the work is always worth it, even with the amount of risk that they take with each investment.

Episode Notes


  • Introducing Anastasia and Gabriel
  • Entrepreneurship comes from anywhere and everywhere
  • Explaining the Starta Process 
  • The advantages of entering the Starta ecosystem
  • Venture capital is funding innovation for humanity
  • Expanding to Berlin and Moscow to open new opportunities 
  • What we're most excited for in 2022


Anastasia: "Honestly, just what we do gives us so much joy because our business model is basically helping people. This is what were trying to do: we're trying to provide resources for them to grow, we're trying to make the right connections, we're trying to invite the relevant people so we have something happening. It's just a great feeling." 

Anastasia: "We live to make money like all investors. But we also live to help these people sincerely."

Gabriel: "If you're an international founder, you've got a disadvantage. If you're a female founder, and you're an international founder, you've got a disadvantage. If you're a person of color, and you're an international founder, and you're a female, you have the biggest disadvantage anybody could ever place upon you. And providing that network for these founders, giving them that stamp of approval, it means the world." 

Anastasia: "I just think it's important what we're doing in general. I think, venture capital, in a way, it's gonna sound a little rough, but it's kind of like a whole charity organization for the world to be able to move forward. Because all of these venture capitalists, investors, we all like invest in different projects and 99% of them fail. And then there's this 1% that changes the world." 

Rob: "Innovation doesn't come without failure." 

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