Mindshifting Leaders To Their Zone of Genius with Anna Liebel  

by Rob Napoli

Episode Summary

On this episode of TBNE, Rob talks to Anna Liebel, self-styled mindshifter, startup mentor, and the host of the Genius Leadership podcast. Anna talks about creating impact by helping male leaders of today achieve their whole and enter their own zone of genius.

Anna talks about helping male leaders incorporate intentionality in their lifestyles and helping them make a change in their behaviors to create a more supportive environment for all.

Episode Notes


  • What is mind shifting? 
  • Design your day by setting intentions 
  • Entrepreneurship during the pandemic 
  • Helping people enter the zone of genius 
  • Zone of Genius vs Zone of Excellence
  • Stepping out of your comfort zone can be frightening 
  • Leaving corporate to make a bigger impact 
  • Helping male leaders to shift culture


Anna: "The zone of genius are those areas of your life or activities that really feel natural, they come natural to you. If we go into the practicalities of finding the zone, finding it for yourself, think about question like where do you lose track of time, right or get into flow, so to say. Or, the question I like to ask, that is cliché, maybe, is what do I look at people doing, and think, how hard can that be?"

Anna: "Yeah, I'm doing a good job, my managers are happy, my clients are happy, my colleagues are happy, but I don't feel like I'm contributing to making society a better place, and the world being a better place for us to live in."

Anna: "Whatever experiences you have, they make you, you. You need to learn to be grateful for those experiences and believe, have trust in that you will always find a way to use that in your zone of genius. So it's all a valuable experience."

Anna: "When you are in your zone of genius, you have this flow of living, and you manage to navigate the stormy seas of life. So whatever comes to you, you can get through that. And you still feel the flow of that."

Anna: "If I can transform or take the leaders who are like, the top in the company and who are the root of the whole culture within the whole organization, if I can mind shift them, they bring this new perspective, new set of behaviors, new set of mindsets to their workplace. They transform the culture." 

Anna: "In the beginning of my mind shifting journey, I actually wanted to support female leaders in fact, because that is my background, I've been in those shoes, I know how challenging it is. But at the same time, I realized it's not about those women's mindset or something like that, it's about the environment that is not supportive. That environment is created by the men.”

Anna: "Know yourself. Invest everything you can do: time, energy, and money into knowing yourself."

Rob: "Mind shifting, it's the mindset you take into, the intentionality you take in everyday. The way we wake up and set intentions, and building out things or what you call designing your day in a way that's going to maximize your potential."

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