Spreading Joy and Building a Business During a Pandemic with Elana Boulos, CEO Camp Joy  

by Rob Napoli

Elana Boulos is the CEO of Camp Joy. Camp Joy is a virtual social experience for adult individuals and teams who want to take a break in their day to prioritize joy. They are very proud to share that past campers’ joy levels increased 22.5% during a 5-Day Joy Session at Camp Joy.

At Camp Joy, they have two types of programming - Corporate Camp helps companies build and strengthen their culture by reigniting and refocusing a team’s productivity. Individual Camp is a virtual experience where you can come to unwind, make new friends, and cultivate maximum joy.

To learn more about Elana Boulos and Camp Joy, you can check out the links below.

Connect with Rob Napoli: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rise-up-coaching-llc/

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