The Social Soul Launches Jan 18th - #RobNapRecap 2021 and What to Expect for 2022  

by Rob Napoli

Episode Summary

On this episode of TBNE, Rob does a classic #RobNapRecap of the some of his best moments in 2021, including the triumphs he achieved and lessons learned along the way. He talks about his business prospects, the launch of his book The Social Soul, and the plans he has for The Bear Necessities of Entrepreneurship podcast for 2022.

Moreover, Rob drops the podcasts in which he was able to take part as a guest, and enjoins everyone to check them out as well.

Episode Notes


  • Honing entrepreneurship skills and saying yes to everything
  • Birth of the Bear Necessities of Entrepreneurship podcast
  • Dealing with imposter syndrome 
  • Writing and publishing The Social Soul
  • Internal vs External Motivation


Rob: “As listeners, whether we're entrepreneurships ourselves, or just entrepreneurial minded, and many listeners don't even wanna be an entrepreneur themselves but there's lessons they can learn from entrepreneurs they can take to their daily lives and allow them to scale and grow and build.”

Rob: “I think for a lot of us as we look at 2022, we've come off a long last couple years. A lot of things have happened to our world that have shaken us to our core and changed the way we foundationally and fundamentally do business and look at business and everything.”

Rob: “You can't start with why until you know where you are. Start with where you are and understand what got you to where you are today. What are those things, what are those lessons that you're passionate about. What are those things that you want.That is where the why is driven from, especially from my personal perspective.”

Rob: “Outside motivation should spark your internal fire. But your internal fire is the only thing that's gonna carry you through. It's easy to make excuses. It's easy for something not to go right because oh I forgot this, or the weather, or that, or this. And that's why we need to drive internally and overcome.” 

Rob: “Understand what that internal fire and motivation is and find how to build that and take that to the next level. Because only you are gonna do that to get there.”

Podcast Suggestions From Rob:

  • Today is the Future - Livi Redden
  • Success Fundamentals - Kris Sykes and Brian Goldstack
  • No BS Sales School - Walker McKay
  • The Other Side Of Sales - Ashleigh Early
  • Square Stories - Brian Burkhart
  • Genius Leadership - Anna Liebel
  • Lead Sell Grow - Eric Konovalov and Harry Spaight
  • Sales Transformation - Collin Mitchell
  • Revenue Real Hotline - Amy Hvrecheck 
  • Purpose Driven Entrepreneur - Timmy Bauer
  • Business and Bourbon - Ronnell Richards

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