Trauma, Community, and Mental Wealth with Founder of Remedy Networks, J. Caleb Perkins  

by Rob Napoli

Episode Summary

On this episode of TBNE Rob gets to record IRL with Remedy Networks Founder J. Caleb Perkins at Starta Ventures.

This episode hits home on what it means to overcome and survive and how J. Caleb's journey to entrepreneurship was born out of legacy and battling his own mental health. Tune in to hear how he overcame depression and turned that into a business that he is passionate about and how is going about creating and defining his own legacy and impact.

As we head into the Thanksgiving holiday and spend time with loved ones, make sure you focus on your mental health and not be afraid to ask for help.

Episode Notes

Connect with J. Caleb:

  • IG: @jcaleb
  • LinkedIn:

Book: Remedy Network: A Millennial's Journey on Connecting New York City Through Stories - available on Amazon.

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