Taking Bias Out of The Recruiting Process and Scaling New Markets with Vincent Lonij, CEO of Swyg  

by Rob Napoli

Vincent Lonij is the Founder and CEO of Swyg. At Swyg, they are changing the way hiring is done. They help companies make better hiring decisions faster. This way, their customers reduce their time-to-hire and become more competitive in the race for talent.

Vincent founded Swyg to give every candidate a face-to-face interview so that everyone gets a chance to shine and candidates are no longer treated as datapoints.

Vincent has been working on AI and data science for many years (IBM, Bloomberg), but now, it’s time to make AI work for people. It’s time for hiring companies to put candidates first.

Their novel Peer-to-peer interviewing process is proven to give hiring companies deeper insight into their candidate pool. In addition, candidates love the experience because they make the process transparent, inclusive, and educational.

To learn more about Vincent Lonij and Swyg, you can check through the following links below.

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